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etrex legend hcx

                                              etrex legend hcx

 Below you will find an honest review of the garmin nuvi 1340. We aim to provide you with impartial advice offering expert opinion on the garmin nuvi 1340. If you already own this device, why not write your own garmin nuvi 1340 customer review at the bottom of the page?

The Garmin Nuvi 1340 Review

For eco friendly warriors out there, here’s a GPS SatNav device that should make them happy. Not just with eco friendly features, the Garmin Nuvi 1340 is now a bargain at £140. The Garmin has the features that can save you money and petrol fuel to get to wherever you want to be.
It has what Garmin calls the ecoRoute software that determines the most fuel efficient route you can take from point A to B, while tracking fuel usage. That means you can reach your target destination faster and more safely, but also efficiently and doing the environment some good along the way.

Attractive Features

All that eco friendliness is housed on a compact and slim body that’s only 15mm thick, a unique slim form common with the Nuvi 1300 line that’s 25% slimmer than previous Nuvi models and is one of the thinnest and lightest GPS devices out there. It’s very pocket friendly as well for those days when you have to find your way on foot.

You can’t miss its large 4.3 inch touchscreen display that may seem unnecessary in a GPS unless it’s got the multimedia frills. But you benefit from an easy to read display from just about any angle.

As a basic GPS using a high sensitivity GPS hotfix receiver for faster satellite connection, it comes with UK, ROI and Europe maps down to street level. It recommends the fastest and most economical route for you based on postcode, street name or point of interest you enter into it.

In addition, there’s a lane guidance system that tells you which lane to get into when making turns or exiting highways in time for you to get there. It is pedestrian and public transport usable also with its CityXplorer application for those finding their way on foot or using mass transport systems. This added feature can be downloaded from the Garmin website.

The new Garmin carries a unique pan European Cyclops warning system for speed cameras that allow reliable real time alerts on the location of theses cameras along roads and highways. Use these feature to help you drive below speed limits in high risk parts of the road so you arrive safely while avoiding higher insurance premiums and traffic fines. The Cyclops database gets regular daily updates and you can get the service on a free 12 month trial after which will need to get a subscription to download these updates on your handset.

It has a “where am I” function that tells you precisely your location in case you’ve lost your way by just tapping on your displayed car icon on the road. Text to speech is standard and lets you concentrate on your driving than looking at the GPS display every so often. You can also find you way through its Photo navigation feature as it has a million points of interests in its preloaded database. You can also append the POI online from geo tagged images you’ve taken.

What comes With the Package?

The Garmin GPS comes with the standard in car charging apparatus, suction cup for windscreen mount and a dashboard disc. It’s officially marked at £155 but you can get it from retailers online like Pixmania for £139.

Customer Reviews and Ratings for Garmin eTrex Legend HCx

Garmin eTrex Legend HCx

Average rating: (4.3/5.0 based on 31 ratings)
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Dec 9, 2011

Bonne durée des piles et assez efficace sous les arbres. Fragile au travers des buildings, mais il finit par se stabiliser.

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Montreal, QC
Nov 29, 2011

Pros: very easy to use
Cons: no mac compatibility

Very interesting for outdoor activities. But, as a Mac user, I found it difficult to upload maps in it.

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Mont-Joli, PQ Canada
Sep 20, 2011

Very satisfied

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Toronto, ON
Jul 20, 2011

Pros: size, build quality, water resistent
Cons: menus and software not intuative

This is a very useful tool for canoeing. I first used it on a very long 80+ KM two day trip and it kept us going straight and saved us from making any wrong turns on some confusing large lakes. The menus and controls are not as intuitive as you'd expect after using Apple products or other high end modern electronics. The computer software is equally dated and could be a lot better. These problems aside, everything else works fine. The screen is great and the reception seems spot on. I don't know if I'd try and use it while driving, but this is not why I bought it. I expect it might be very useful for traveling in large confusing cities. Considering the great price (a new model is due out soon), this seems like the best deal around for a small rugged handheld GPS.

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Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
Jul 19, 2011

Pros: versatile

Still learning to use the product. Expect to be very pleased as I was trained using this model. I am with CASARA (Civil Air Search & Rescue). We use the GPS with Ozi Explorer and Search HQ to upload and download search patterns which we fly in practice or actual searches. I am a Navigator and expect to use the GPS on every flight.

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Cariboo, BC
Apr 6, 2011

We use this GPS for everything from Quading/fishing to GPS'ing our fields. We loved it so much, we upgraded my Dad into one of these for his 65th birthday. He had a Garmin from 15 yrs ago. GPS City has the best rates you'll find anywhere for GPS's, and the most friendly staff.

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Victoria BC
Mar 1, 2011

If this is the Cadillac of GPS, I can't wait until there's a Lexus on the market. Yes the eTrex will do everything, in fact it does too much. And the instructions are anything but intuitive. I'm pretty sure they were translated using the Rosetta Stone, by a guy fluent in Mayan. Give us a manual that actually makes using the unit easier. How hard would that be. Still it's the best for a marine environment.

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Feb 14, 2011

Pros: price,usefullness, very practical
Cons: no

Keeps signal in difficult conditions, can load tons of maps of everything, sharp display, very good battery life.

Can be used as a hiking gadget ( primary use for me), as well as city street -level routing GPS (not as brilliant as designated auto-GPS, but still acceptable)

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Afton N.S.
Feb 2, 2011

Pros: user friendly, colour, battery life
Cons: rubber around the edges, map data

I do like this unit for geocaching BUT the soft rubber around the unit is comming off so unit is not water resistant anymore. The maps are not up to date and if you don't know at least a little about the area you end up on dead ends and it has you trying to enter/exit major highways where there aren't any ramps to enter/exit on.

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Jan 24, 2011

Pros: price. no frills. no fancy touch screen. accurate.
Cons: screen is small but no cons at this price point.

I chose this unit because I didn't want a touch screen. I think the touch screens are problematic in cold wet weather and muddy conditions (at least half the time in the woods). I would have liked a larger screen but not at the expense of unit size and battery life. The Legend finds satellites fast and usually has at least 12 foot accuracy in trees and 6 or 7 feet in the open.

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Chris Despi
Oct 19, 2010

Pros: quick and pretty accurate
Cons: wished it had more geocaching options...

Easy to use.

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